Why We Partnered With Flystein

The Problem
Group bookings for flights seem to defy logic…because rather than getting a discount for purchasing several seats on a plane, you can end up paying more! This is because flights are sold in blocks, so as you add more people to your itinerary, you can push your tickets into higher price brackets. This really annoyed us, so we spent a ton of time meeting with travel agents and flight specialist to figure out how to get the lowest prices for our digital nomads.

The Solution
After doing our due diligence, we decided to partner with Flystein—an online platform where we’re able to receive consulting services about the best and cheapest flights between our destination cities. By using Flystein, we’re able to save hundreds of dollars compared to using a more traditional travel agent.

How Flystein Helps Digital Nomads
We also like that Flystein is start-up that has the potential to be a valuable resource for digital nomads and location independent professionals who want to work and travel. If you’re not joining a remote working group like Embark and are organizing everything on your own, using Flystein can take the guess-work out of booking flights. You know you’ll get the best price with Flystein because they have gathered the best flight hackers from around the world to find cheap flights for their clients.

Rather than being confined to a very specific flight booking system and airline agreements (as a lot of travel agents are), Flystein is not affiliated with any airline and helps find the cheapest possible fare online that meets your needs. They charge a flat fee for this…and the good news is that you only have to book if the cost of the flight and the fee is less than what you would have spent if you didn’t use them!


Embarking to South America!
We’re excited to be involved with such an innovative start-up and are excited to grow together while being a great resource for remote workers that want to travel. We’ll be using them for our flights between Medellin, Lima and Buenos Aires this winter. Check out their latest blog post on the Top Digital Nomad Events in 2017!


The Embark team in Medellin, Colombia getting in some remote working!

The Embark team in Medellin, Colombia getting in some remote working!

  • Venu Atmakur
    Posted at 14:35h, 09 February Reply

    Great step by the Embarktogether team! The digital nomads will be immensely benefitted by this step. Work and travel made easy!

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